Sara Valentine is a producer, promoter and curator of live variety entertainment. She got her start in 1993 creating community-based music and poetry happenings on Manhattan’s Lower East Side at such venues as CB’s 313 Gallery and ABC No Rio. From 1997-2003, she co-directed monthly music and event programming in the underground Brooklyn venue Happy Birthday Hideout. From 2004-2010, she curated street performers for the Lincoln Square BID’s annual “Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square,” working together with a large production team headed by Jay Weissman of The Usual Suspects and Executive Director Peter Kohlman. In 2007, Valentine was hired by veteran producer and consultant Lorna Harris to act as project manager and publicity agent for “The Staten Island Composer’s Project,” presented by the Council for the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island and funded by the New York State Music Fund.

Valentine received a BA from NYU in 1993 and an MA from The New School in 2003. Her personal projects include the Hungry March Band and “Little Miss Big Mouth,” a live, theatrical talk show/performance series for which she is creator, director, writer and host.


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